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Bay Colony is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor which supports advisors and advisory teams across the country. Since our founding in 2000, we have been committed to supporting our advisors and clients with access to the widest range of wealth management and investment platform services.  We help member firms build a more competitive business model by providing the operational infrastructure that enables advisors to more efficiently run their practices and serve their clients, while collaborating with our other various member firms. Advisors leverage Bay Colony's ecosystem to spend more time with clients and less time running their business. Member firms maintain their independence, while benefiting from synergies, scale, economics, and best practices offered by Bay Colony.  Our culture values open communication, collaboration, and transparency.  We are dedicated to helping advisors run and grow their business 

If you are looking to focus on growing your investment advisory practice within a collaborative culture, or are tired of running all of the operational and compliance aspects of your business, Bay Colony offers you the ability to both scale and outsource your private practice. Our fully integrated platform provides you with the infrastructure you need, including full time operations, compliance, marketing, and communications support with enterprise pricing. Bay Colony is an SEC registered firm currently operating through 20 offices located throughout the Northeast, Southeast, and Western US. Our network of advisors all benefit from collaborating and growing their business together.

Working with us

Provide you with industry leading technology.  
Our platform includes access to Fidelity Institutional, Black Diamond Reporting, Retail Technology, IPS Advisor Pro, Citrix ShareFile, and other technologies to help your practice grow.  

Outsource operations such as billing, reporting, etc
Remove the burden of calculating advisory fees, uploading or invoicing these fees, as well as running quarterly reports.  These burdens are automated and can be customized through our platform for each advisor.  

Minimize the compliance burden
Bay Colony handles the compliance for each of our advisors.  We understand that compliance can be a challenge for each advisor.  We strive to make our compliance requirements straight forward and easy to work with.  

Ensure your business continuity plan is in place
Many advisors hear concerns from clients regarding their continuity plan.  Other advisors simply worry about the value of their practice should something happen to them.  Bay Colony has many flexible solutions for advisors.  Whether you are looking simply for a backstop in the event of a disaster, or are intending on implementing a continuity partner to take over your practice, Bay Colony has the resources to handle whatever you envision. 

Strategic Alliances

Investment partners