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Wealth Advisory Services

Bay Colony Advisory Group's principals have provided financial advice and wealth management services for over 25 years. At Bay Colony Advisors, our financial planning process is designed to take an objective look at your current financial situation and organize a plan of action to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We strive to understand your life’s goals, to proactively advise you in the management of your wealth. We provide sophisticated yet personalized financial planning services. By acting as your family’s “chief financial officer,” we build a process around our understanding of your unique goals, risk tolerance and aspirations. Our advisors leverage the collective knowledge and experience of the Bay Colony Advisory team to implement wealth solutions specifically suited for you. We also work directly with other professionals, such as your accountant or lawyer, to ensure every aspect of your financial future is well cared for. We develop custom solutions to meet your unique and complex financial needs which include planning on the use of trusts, business succession, and retirement planning as well as other more specialized areas. We will help you explore opportunities to protect, grow, manage and transfer your wealth in ways that are important to you. Our Wealth Advisors strive to serve you with the highest levels of excellence, expertise and integrity. Our proven financial planning expertise has developed over the course of serving clients for decades.

Financial Planning Services

When life’s ever changing events come into your financial picture, you may not have the time, desire, or even ability to effectively plan and manage the various financial aspects of your life. Most families benefit from an independent, third party perspective on what are often difficult decisions. In the hectic world we live in today, having a financial planning expert guide you through your ever-changing financial picture can be exponentially beneficial. Life Events Require Advice.

Quite often, a specific life event will cause one to seek the advice of a professional financial planning expert. Such events might include:

There are times when you will cope with such events on your own, however, there are some situations where you may need the assistance of a financial planning expert to provide you an independent, unbiased, third-party opinion. Other circumstances might be:

Some financial events may simply be too complex for most families, or you may just want to free up the time needed to enjoy other aspects of their lives.

Flow Chart of Advisory Process

flow chart of advisory process

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