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A Summary of BCA’s Value Proposition

Bay Colony Advisors (BCA) is an SEC registered investment adviser that offers an all-inclusive, turnkey solution designed by advisors... for advisors.  BCA is a leading provider of comprehensive, fully integrated wealth management services for institutional member firms and individual investors. Across multiple advisor-clients, BCA has 21 independent advisors operating throughout the country in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado, New Hampshire and Vermont.  The firm has grown as a result of adding new advisors — both those with existing books of business that are breaking away from traditional wire house models new to the RIA industry, and existing RIA’s looking to build scale.

Since its founding year, Bay Colony Advisors has grown to become a partnership of independent advisors operating throughout the country comprised of 10 elite teams including – Tewks Wealth Management, Essential Asset Management, Glazier Financial Advisors, Hagin Investment Management, Sentinel Advisory Services, Christopher Lee Financial, Pension & Wealth, Castle Hill, Greenhaven Financial Management and Watch Hill Wealth Advisors.  Our community of member firms is comprised of independent investment advisory and wealth management practices committed to driving their clients’ success on their own terms.

Entrepreneurial owners are attracted by our business model because we provide access to unprecedented support resources, help owners tackle succession planning, and allow owners to retain their independence, brand and culture. Bay Colony Advisors approach provides a mechanism whereby affiliated advisors can individually manage their practice, while outsourcing back-office operations and compliance. Our unique BCA Advisory platform provides affiliated advisors with low minimums, institutional pricing, training, and interactive client technology which represent some of the reasons we are attracting so many new advisors. The forces of change—consumer, industry, regulatory and the markets—are everywhere. Their impact on the advisory profession is staggering and the pace of change is unlikely to abate. Advisors can choose to ignore these factors of change or use them as an excuse to make needed changes on how they service their clients.

BCA is focused on providing scale and efficiencies to financial advisor’s practices through centralized technology, compliance, and back-office operations. The firm’s advanced technology platform includes operational support, compliance oversight and turnkey succession plans.  BCA is focused on our member firm’s growth by offering direct access to the firm’s Chief Operating and Compliance Officers. Affiliated advisors have access to wholesale pricing for E&O coverage, ticket charges, and back-office technology and can choose to maintain their own branding, DBA, office space, staff, and never give up control of their private practice, brand, book of business while retaining their independent status.  From the principal home office in Concord, Massachusetts through a growing national network of external advisors and investment advisory firms the firm supports 21 independent advisors with compliance and back office services  Model portfolios are developed and managed at BCA both for retail client accounts at Fidelity Investments, Jefferson National, and for individual ERISA plan accounts held on platforms maintained by TIAA-CREF, Fidelity Investments, John Hancock at schools, hospitals, and other institutions throughout the country.

BCA offers the technological tool set and operational support to help advisors with marketing, branding, inclusive of quarterly events to help them gain visibility in their marketplace, increase efficiency and maximize productivity so that they can effectively grow their businesses and provide their clients with a unique client experience to become invaluable financial advisors.  

When joining BCA, we aid advisors in the transition process. BCA fosters a learning culture with state-of-the-art sales and product training, creating some of the most competent advisors in the industry.  BCA holds regular roundtable events which encourages creative dialogue with our advisor groups who are managing their own practice and seeing new ideas for business growth.

The firm is seeking advisors who are motivated to start in the industry, or who have an existing clientele and are searching for an infrastructure that can assist them in growth. BCA’s turnkey RIA outsourcing solution backed by industry professionals was originally developed to support our founder’s fee-based practice and was later optimized to support advisors considering their own RIAs by providing the knowledge and skills needed to deliver best-in-class support.  

The four essential components of value for today’s advisory practices are —People, Value proposition/Brand, Investment philosophy and Technology. These are the levers you control, and about which decisions are made. Analyzing these component parts helps advisors assess what’s essential and what changes could be made to greatly enhance the overall service. Purposeful planning and decision-making depend largely on the owner’s goal to either maximize cash flow or enhance the value of their practice.

What sets BCA apart is the real-life experience of the senior management and staff who have walked in the shoes of the advisors they are now offering to help. BCA’s CEO has 33+ years of industry experience dealing with the issues advisors face while running a practice. After years of experience and adding 21 advisors onto the platform, the infrastructure that built BCA now supports over $350 million in collective RIA assets.  While recognizing everyone’s interdependence, BCA’s philosophy is to support independent advisors and their individual branding. BCA does not require a non-compete clause in their representative agreements and advisors are welcome to use the BCA name and logo while owning your clients and your AUM. You can feel confident partnering with us because of our firm’s longevity, our real-life experience, our industry relationship, and reputation.

BCA empowers investment professionals with the tools and support they need to create successful independent investment advisory and wealth management firms—while maintaining 100% ownership stake of their new or existing entity.  From business formation and launch to growth acceleration strategies, BCA provides a comprehensive service platform to support your business now and in the future.  Get expert advice and guidance in managing the legal details of a startup and what it takes to operate a successful, mature firm.   

From compliance to employee benefits and beyond, our support includes   


As a member of the BCA Community, you'll have resources available any time you need them.  Access advice on best practices, research and more through our network of expert advisors.  With BCA, you'll stay a step ahead of current and future business concerns.  

A look at the "Big Picture" 

Benefits of joining Bay Colony Advisors: 

Direct contact with a dedicated Service Manager & Relationship Manager as an Access   person 
Firm platform complements an Affiliate’s existing business model by offering: 

Bay Colony Advisors approach emphasizes alignment of interest through: 

The business solutions we offer is so comprehensive and unique that it's hard to convey the full benefit through a brochure or even a web site. Many advisors have difficulty completely understanding the scope and value of our program until they speak with us. The advisor fee and compensation schedule provide affiliated advisors with competitive value while improving a client’s financial situation.  Advisors seeking a better way of conducting their business by creating value and sustainable relationships between clients, utilizing an effective platform are welcome to contact us directly at 978-339-7200. 
For a complete list of representative requirements and to learn more about BCA please visit www.baycolonyadvisors.com, or contact John Ohl, CEO, or James Catacchio, CCO for a confidential interview.

86 Baker Avenue Extension, Suite 310 | Concord, MA 01742 | 800.320.1912