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Investment Management

Bay Colony Advisory Group is a private investment advisory firm headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts. The firm is made up of 18 Investment Advisor Representatives who collectively oversee assets for individuals, corporations, and non-profit entities.

Bay Colony Advisors seeks long-term growth from capital appreciation and income. The cornerstone of our investment philosophy rests on the core belief of building wealth consistently. The firm utilizes a collaborative team-based research and portfolio management process to ensure consistency surrounding portfolio construction coupled with diverse research views. Bay Colony Advisors has developed a pro-active asset allocation and sector rotation process designed around the stage changes in the business cycle. Bay Colony Advisors has multiple strategies which utilize varying inputs such as business cycle, fundamental, or technical analysis. We have found this adaptive allocation approach can add significant value for investors.

We consider ourselves as a manager of managers. We have a dedicated team of three running our investment manager research process who serve as our Investment Committee (IC) overseeing the final selection or removal of managers from our recommended list. This list consists of numerous strategies including Separately Managed Accounts, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Alternatives. We monitor a number of investments, from small benchmark agnostic managers, to large multi-billion dollar registered funds. Our process can include a rigorous scoring process, comprehensive questionnaires, meetings with portfolio managers and our IC and regular site visits to the managers' offices. We then build our models and custom portfolios from any of the managers/funds/ETFs held at a custodian or insurance company focus list.

investment management process


Bay Colony Advisors can deliver customization, ongoing oversight and tax planning capabilities to its private clients and help deliver on the promise of great wealth management. Bay Colony Advisors investment committee applies two levels of active management, with portfolio allocation decisions across stocks, bonds, and sub asset classes determined by Bay Colony Allocation group, led by John Ohl, and implemented by Bay Colony's seasoned and institutionally oriented portfolio management team.

Bay Colony Advisors sets itself apart from the competition when managing our client portfolios by attempting to be proactive rather than reactive. Every client is unique at Bay Colony Advisors and has a custom designed portfolio. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all investment strategy. While many clients may have similar allocations to certain asset classes, their allocations are individually tailored to their needs and objectives such as to increase income, or to meet socially responsible investing goals.

The Discovery Process

With respect to investment planning for Family Wealth, Bay Colony Advisors will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and an asset allocation. We discuss with the client's their personal financial goals and investment risk tolerance to establish a written Investment Policy Statement. Clients are asked to complete a written Risk Profile Questionnaire before the Investment Policy Statement is completed. Both the Investment Policy Statement and risk tolerance evaluation are reviewed annually. Both the (IPS) and asset allocation are designed to help generate superior long-term results while minimizing investment volatility through efficient diversification. Based on the family client’s investment strategy, Bay Colony Advisors recommends appropriate separate account money managers, brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc., to implement the asset allocation strategy and provides comprehensive monitoring of clients’ accounts to help ensure its family clients are realizing expected returns. Family Strategic Planning helps Bay Colony Advisors clients with the selection and appointment of professional advisors who will provide counsel to them during their lifetime, as well as to their trusts and their descendants.

Portfolio Structure

Once the structure of the portfolio is determined, our advisors design a customized portfolio according to the written parameters of the client.  

Bay Colony Advisors offers a fee-based asset management program through Bay Colony Advisors, a registered investment advisor. This independent asset management program enables investors to pursue their financial objectives with the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds for $7.95, and no-load and select load-waived mutual funds without transaction fees or commissions. With the right balance of investment products, we can assist you in designing a custom-tailored portfolio to achieve your personal objectives. The program investment minimum is $ 250,000.00 Included in the program are unlimited trading, full account protection (SIPC), consolidated statements & quarterly performance reports produced by a leading third party reporting provider. Bay Colony Advisors does not take title of your assets , which are held by an independent custodian to ensure their safety. Clients receive monthly statements directly from your account custodian.

Investment philosophy

Bay Colony Advisors provides clients with independent third-party performance reporting from Black Diamond. This independent reporting company provides clients with easy to read portfolio management reports online, and in hard copy, once a quarter. Reports include consolidated statements, IRR and TWR, realized and unrealized gain/loss, asset allocation, and portfolio performance. Gain/ loss reports minimize the administrative demands of preparing schedule D reports for taxes. Data from Black Diamond is updated and reconciled daily.

Fiduciary Responsibility of a Registered Investment Advisor

Registered Investment Advisors are fiduciaries and they are held to the highest standards of professional integrity, conduct and competency. Please be advised that Brokers are not held to these same high standards. There are no hidden costs to worry about. In short, the fee-based arrangement offers investors the opportunity to get more service out of their money and insures that their interests are best aligned with those of their appointed Investment Advisor.

86 Baker Avenue Extension, Suite 310 | Concord, MA 01742 | 800.320.1912