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Corporate Retirement Plans

Bay Colony Advisors serves as a Co-Fiduciary to corporate retirement plans. The firm assists the sponsors as fiduciaries with the critical decisions relating to the plan. These decisions include designing a written Investment Policy Statement, selecting and monitoring the investments, determining the appropriate asset classes for the plan and reviewing the total plan expenses compared to similar sized plans. In addition, we assist the plan sponsor to comply with 404(c) in order to help protect the fiduciaries from losses from participant investment choices. For additional information, please view our PDF on Business Benefit Services – 401k.

Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc. is full service fee-based 401k/retirement plan consulting firm. Our services include industry leading vendor review/search, fee negotiation, cost identification and reduction as well as working to assure clients that fiduciary processes are in place to create a successful and highly valued 401k plan while aggressively managing plan level fiduciary liabilities. Our 25+ years in the industry, working as full time advisors/consultants have given us the experience to effectively serve as co-fiduciaries to plan sponsors.

Bay Colony Advisors Plan Benchmarking provides material assistance to fiduciaries in gathering the substantial amount of data necessary to select and monitor a defined contribution plan’s investments, services and providers, and in developing measurements or benchmarks for evaluating that data. The services cover all major aspects of plan operation, including investments, services, participation, deferral rates, and fees and expenses. All decisions regarding a plan remain those of the fiduciaries, but by utilizing the Bay Colony Advisors benchmarking service fiduciaries will be able to provide substantial evidence of having gathered and evaluated the information required for a prudent process, and for an informed and reasoned decision.

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